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Submit Tango Classes
Just Classes Please,
NOT Parties with a lesson, NOT Special Workshops


Fill in the form below as completely as possible.
Only after you have edited the form, click the "SUBMIT" button.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This page is for Classes, only. Single day and Weekend type Class/Workshop Events should be posted as a Specialty Workshop on the Tango Events Form, and on the Mid-Atlantic DanceNet All Styles WorkShops/Seminars Calendar. You are also invited to Submit the Class to one of the DCDanceNet's All Styles Classes Calendar Pages.

Should Editing be required, The VERY BEST way to Edit your notice is to RE-POST the ENTIRE notice then notify the Tango Editor specifing which notice to delete.
Editing the data base is difficult after posting and there are so many errors. Deleting all the notices with errors along with the old announcements is the maintenance procedure on these FREE calendars."

Submit the Class

Your Name: (Editor use only)       Your eMail address here. (Editor use only)

Class Contact eMail Address:      Class Information Phone Number:


Day of the Event, if it's irregular,
choose the Miscellaneous Option:

Select Class Start & Dates. All OnGoing Classes WILL BE DELETED & must be re-submitted after 12 months. All Other Classes Select Actual End Dates.

Title/Heading of the Class:

Description: Please include the Dance Style the level taught, the instructor, location, phone #, complete address, cost, event time, music, special requirements, whether it's a one time series or an ongoing class.

Next, Submit the Classes to the Mid-Atlantic DanceNet All Styles Dance Classes Calendar.

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