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One Time or Infrequently Scheduled DANCE PARTY Events are to be posted here.
Recurring Events and Classes or Work Shops are posted on one of Mid-Atlantic DanceNet's
Other Calendars which have their own Event Calendar Submission Forms.
Events may also be posted to theDanceNews eMail Updates.
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The Web Server automatically Posts announcements directly to the calendar on submission of the form.
The DanceNet does not attempt to verify any of this information and urges viewers to check directly with the event as changes are not always posted. The descriptions and details are those of the submitting party. Event Info that is _ALSO_ entered on the Dance News Submission Form is posted to the The Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates

The VERY BEST way to Edit an event llisting is to RE-POST the ENTIRE notice and notify the Specialevents Editor to delete the unwanted listing, specifying which to delete. Editing bits and pieces on the data base is impractical It's much more efficient to re-submit and delete the data.

Post Special (Non Recurring) Dance Party Events

Events posted on this Special DANCE PARTY Events Calendar MUST offer a Dance Party.
Other features may be Concerts, Shows, Performances, Workshops, Singles activites, etc.
A Feature MUST BE the Dancing for the Patrons.
Events posted with NO opportunity for Dancing by the patrons will be deleted.
Regular Events and Class or Work Shops can ALSO be posted on The Mid-Atlantic DanceNet's Other Calendars which have their own ON LINE Input Forms    Any of the events listed on the Calendars may also be posted to
The DanceNet's DanceNews eMail Updates
The VERY BEST way to Edit your notice is to RE-POST the ENTIRE notice and notify the Specialevents Editor
to delete the old notice, specifying which to delete. Editing the data base is difficult after posting and
is much too time consuming. Whilst Deleting an entire anouncement is not a problem.
Please submit only after you have edited your entry. Users cannot edit after submission.
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OR: March 25-28, Washington Latin Studio Workshops with Retired Ex-Champions
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