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Searching The DanceNet

Search for Pages/Calendars, Submission Forms in the DanceNet Site Map with
Your Browser's find feature in the Edit Tab or
Work with one of the Search Engines.
the Indexed search may be faster, but may not be current.
The Direct Search engine may be slower,
searching the entire public www directory, but results are current.

Indexed Search

Click on a link in the results page list.
Scroll down the selected page
~ OR ~
Enter the search term(s) in the bowser
Find feature (edit menu) or Search Tab
Search terms highlighted in
bold red text.

(put the most important words first)
Find: Entire words or Words beginning with
Require: All words Any word Phrase

Direct (Not Indexed) Search

MAY be a slower Search
Fewer Option Features, but Includes all changes, new files, new pages everything in the public www directory at the moment the search is initiated
(Suggest searching with the indexed option first).
This Direct option searches every word in the box.
So Phrases must be enclosed in quotes.
(Put phrases in quotes).