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 Ongoing Salsa Classes

This page is intended for Posting ONGOING Salsa Classes, and Places to Dance Salsa, including those classes held at Studios, Clubs and like venue. Classes with Dancing should be posted here.
Special Event One Day or Weekend Classes/Workshops that are not Ongoing Classes should be posted on the Salsa Events Form, and on the DCDanceNet Workshops Calendar
Class Series that are not Ongoing should be posted as a Single Class Series Event on the Salsa Events Form, and on the All Styles Classes Calendar Page.
YOU are invited to post the Announcement on the DanceNews Input Form to have your event appear on the DCDanceNews eMail Updates.
iF you are posting JUST CLASSES (Classes only) You are invited to post your Classes to DCDanceNet's All Styles Classes Calendar Page.
iF you are posting a Recurring Dance PARTY with classes then, You are invited to post your Dance PARTY to DCDanceNet's Recurring Dance PARTY Calendar Page. IMPORTANT NOTE: Events posted on All Styles Regular Dance Party Events Calendar MUST offer the opportunity of Dancing for the patrons along with classes, etc.

DCDanceNet has other Calendar Input Forms for all Regular Events, Workshops, Classes, Comps, Camps, Cruises, Vacations, National Ballroom Dance Week, Holiday Calendars, and more.

Please submit only after you have edited your entry. Users cannot directy edit entries after submission. Should Editing be required, YOU will need to re-post your event and request the old post be deleted
Those that re-post and that fail to Contact the Salsa Editor to delete risk having the wrong notice removed.
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DCDanceNet does edit user posted announcements for excessive space usage, and to remove text in all caps, etc. but _not_ for error checking. Should EDITING be desired, please post an entire, new announcement and notify the editor of the Calendar that a new, complete, announcement has been posted and to please delete the unwanted notice.

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