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PLEASE Post Regular, Recurring Events intended to reach a Mid Atlantic Area Audience
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The Advertising page details opportunities for Display Ads on Web Pages and Standing Ads on the DCDanceNews eMail Updates. DCDanceNet does edit self posted announcements for excessive space usage, etc. but not for error checking.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Events posted on DCDanceNet's Events Calendars MUST offer the opportunity of Dancing for the patrons . Other features of the Dancing Event/Party may be classes, lessons, singles events, fund raising, etc. Since the main attraction for Posting on this Calendar is the Dancing, classes, lessons, etc., with NO Dance Party or Practice opportunity are posted separately on one of DCDanceNet's Class, Workshop, concerts, Studio Calendars or other Calendar Input Forms. DCDanceNet has other Calendar Submission Forms for all Styesl of Recrring Dance Party, Events, Workshops, Classes, Comps, Camps, Cruises, Vacations, National Ballroom Dance Week, Holiday Calendars, and more.

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