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Welcome to DCDanceNet's Dance Professional's Partner Bulletin Board.

These Dance Professional's Partner Bulletin Board pages are a no charge service provided for posting information on the Internet. DCDanceNet does not verify anything! Editing consits only of deleting entire entries at the request of the entity.named in the data and at the expiratin of one year from the item posting date. DCDancenet provides these Dance Professional's Ad Pages for use that does not involve the DCDanceNet in any way beyond that of maintaining the On-line form for posting of text messages and the storing of the text files on the DCDanceNet www server.
DCDanceNet does not, in any way, have, accept or incur ANY responsibility for the performance of any party in any transaction, including but not limited to the source of the user posted data, communications, financial, or any physical activity.

Should the illegal word filter interfere with your submission, please send the data to the Classifieds Editor for posting. The spammers have found these pages therefore requiring the filtering.
To DELETE your entry, mention that your ad is on the FOLLOWERS BB or the LEADERS BB and the eMail address on your ad in an eMail message to: Classified Editor.
The ONLY way to edit your entry to RE-POST the ENTIRE notice and ask that the incorrect notice be deleted mentioning which ad is incorrect and whether your ad is on the FOLLOWERS BB or the LEADERS BB and include the eMail address on your ad in an eMail message to Classified Editor.  

 Your Information * Indicates a required field.
Entering data in all the fields will assist browser searches. The form asks for lots of data to assist in searching.

I am a  Leader *  Follower *
* Name:  Phone Number: 
* eMail Address:  Enter it exactly in the format in the box to foil spammers
A browser converts the characters so that eMail will be sent to the correct address.
The Spaces must be left between words, just replace the words prodancer and someprovider and if necessary, edit the com to org or net or gov, etc.
You WILL have to provide some contact method, and if it's via your web site, then note that in the eMail field
Alt. eMail Address:  If you do not wish to make use of the spam avoidance format, Delete any text in the first eMail field so it's blank then just enter your normal format eMail address here (Real) eMail Address: Please enter your main or direct eMail address even if it's the same as the one in the Ad. It is used only to confirm this post and in case there is a need to contact you.
Your Web Site (if available): 

* City: *Select the Area
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 Interested in Competition?
* Your Primary Dance Style
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Slect a Style from the drop down menu

If Your Style is not listed, Select Other,
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Then include it in the "About Me" text box.
IF you like, you can add
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*About me: General Information about yourself

 For this section, you may want to provide or request information about the following:
 (Your Partner Wish List is entered in the box below this one.)
  • Which Dances interest you
  • Dancing Goals (social, competition, exhibition, etc.)
  • Places where you often dance
  • Comments on proficiency, years of experience, or competition level
  • Height/age/weight
  • Availability for or interest in coaching, practice, parties, competitions
  • Geographical considerations for coaching, practice, parties

About Me:

* In the box below, Describe what you'd like in partner

Partner Wish List:

Please keep in mind there is NO edit function after submission.
Be sure to EDIT BEFORE you click the SUBMIT button.

Your notice will appear near the top of the "Followers" or "Leaders" page that you selected.
If you have already been to these pages you WILL have to reload your browser to see your ad.


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