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Fill in the form below with all the info needed to attend The Event. Direct the viewer to the Event Web Site site for the details. Recurring, Regularly Scheduled DANCE PARTY Events are posted here. One Time or Infrequently Scheduled Events, Classes, Workshop Events, etc. may be posted on one of The Mid-Atlantic DanceNet's Other Calendars which have their own ON LINE Input Forms

Events posted on the Recurring Dance Party Calendar MUST offer the opportunity for Dancing. Other features of the Dancing Event/Party may be classes, lessons, singles events, etc., but an important attraction smust be the Dancing. Classes, lessons, etc., with NO Dance opportunity are posted separately on one of the Class, Workshop, Studio Calendars or other Calendars.

All information on the Regular Events Calendar is deleted after a year from the date posted.
Failure to submit new information means there will be no listing of an event.

Long term Free Exposure for your Event is on this and the Various Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Web Site Calendars.
You may purchase long-term "Standing Ads" on the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews or take advantage of
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